Discover a rich source of materials for EL students from pre-K through third grade in each Pieces of Eight Chest of the Language Treasure Chest series.  These enjoyable activities lower the affective filter and ensure all your good instruction develops the four domains of language! L1 students through first grade can also benefit from participation with their EL classmates.  Hands-on, interactive, fun-filled activities develop all four domains of language.  Each chest is a meaning-filled theme that has many links across the elementary school curriculum .  In Chest 6, Farm Animals, students explore vocabulary and grammar in high-interest settings that make students want to communicate about uses of their families and friends at home. Students enjoy literature and poetry that relate to the theme and have opportunities to link these across the curriculum. Easily extend experiences to Fine and Large Motor Development at the pre-K level, and through grade 3 literacy development, especially using the Language Experience approach!   These are black-line masters for teachers to duplicate for their students, along with teacher prompts for each of five production levels for each project!  These are great for teachers or instructional support staff, and even volunteers too!  Come on an adventure to discover your Pieces of Eight and help your students sail to success in the 21st Century!

Chest 6: Pieces of Eight for Farm Animals

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